In the Press

In The Press

Here are links to just a few of the many press articles about me and my work from over the years. If you see any out there on the internet that I haven't linked to, please forward me a link!

British Cheese Centre


SwissInfo. April 2009


Tages Anzeiger. January 2011


Helvetic News. March 2012


The Local. April 2013


Bloomberg. March 2014


20 Minuten. April 2014


Watson. October 2014


EasyJet. November 2014


Delicious Magazine July 2018


20Minuten December 2018





Expat Expo October 2011


WRS June 2012


The English Show. August 2017


CBC Brexit March 2018


SwissPats Podcast November 2018

International Beer Bar

Travel & Leisure. February 2016 March 2015

My Girlfriend Guide. January 2015

New in Zurich. February 2015

Limmattaler Zeitung. January 2015

20 Minuten. February 2015

Hello Switzerland. October 2015.


Adi's Agro. February 2012

Newly Swissed. June 2014

Fromage Homage. December 2016

Newly Swissed. June 2014

Vale Fritz. November 2010

London Evening Standard. May 2014

NZZ am Sonntag.

March 2011

NNZ am Sonntag. September 2010

Spot Magazine, June 2017

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