Michael Jones

Writer, Speaker and "Monger" of fine British Cheeses.


When I first went to Switzerland in 2007 I had the opportunity to fulfil a dream. To work with food. I did this in what most people thought was the craziest way possible. I opened a cheese shop. But not just any cheese shop. My cheese shop only sold British cheese. The British Cheese Centre at the Markthalle Im Viadukt in Zürichs Kreis 5 is now one of the most famous cheese shops in Switzerland.

I live and breath cheese and have a passion for all things Dairy. My talks though are not as dry as old cheese. I have been told that I can turn cheese into a "Fairy Tale". My anecdotes are full of human charm and passion and love. I also really enjoy making my audiences laugh.

In late 2014 I took a short break from selling cheese on a day to day basis to follow another dream...... this time more liquid, my love of beer, and especially Swiss "Craft Beer" and together with some partners, I opened "The International Beer Bar" also in Zürich.

The Britsh Cheese Centre is now in new hands, although I do help in the background with cheese selections and I am now based in the Netherlands and I am available for talks and tastings all over mainland Europe and the UK.

Cheese and Beer...... yes, some say I am living the dream. Working with food is a dream, at least for me. I hope that, through this web site and its articles, and maybe one day with one of my talks or tastings, you too can enjoy sharing part of my dream.


I can talk on many subjects relating to cheese, British food and business. My talks are always fine tuned to fit my audience and they will always include a tasting of some of my favourite cheeses. But here is some information on 3 of my most popular talks. For more information look at my Services page or get in touch by email.

The History of British Cheese

Find out why British cheese is not so well known.... how WW2 killed off production of Artisan British cheeseses... How what we know about the influence of the Romans and Normans on British cheeses..... How Britain now makes more different styles of cheese than any other country in the world.... And much more!

My Inspirational Business Idea

Selling British Cheese in Switzerland. Is this crazy or inspirational? A vote is used to start this talk, and to finish it. I usually give this talk to business groups, companies, MBA programs and the like.

Pairing Cheese with beer, wine, whisky... and more!

Cheese is most often associated, as a pairing, with wine. But have you tried it with beer? Or whisky? And in winter, and for smaller groups, we might even try my own creation.... Scottish Fondue!

Where to buy my cheese.

For the fullest range of cheese visit my shop in Zürich, at the Markthalle im Viadukt in Kreiss 5 (next to Tramstop "Dammweg) - it's just a 20 minute walk from the main station, we also have plenty of visitor parking. We are open 09.00 - 20.00 6 days a week.

You will also soon be able to buy online again (Switzerland only), the new webshop will open soon. By November 2021 I also hope to be shipping throught the rest of Europe.