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Below are links to articles on my Blog. Many of these articles (and much more!) will be collected and published in a book, hopefully in 2018. The book will be about British cheeses (varieties and history), who makes the cheeses today but also who buys them - including the interactions I have with customers from many countries at my cheese shop in Zürich and at markets, exhibitions and events around Switzerland.

A Cheesy Tale. My first article, published in Hello Switzerland magazine early in 2008. Here I describe where the idea to sell British cheese in Switzerland came from as well as how I was coping living on a mountain farm in my early years here!

Cheese Musings. This is a reply to a question placed on an English language on-line forum relating to life in Switzerland - the question related to why Swiss cheese, which can be seen as being quite bland and without much variety, is so famous when British cheese, in particluar the cheese at my shop, is not so famous. A link to the original Forum thread is included in the article.

To Rind or not to Rind. A guide on which rinds are tasty and edible!

Whisky and Cheese? Scottish Fondue! How my Swiss / British fusion dish came about

René Wiedmer, the Swiss Speed Yodelling Champion. One of the more bizarre encounters I have had during my time in Switzerland!

The Swiss Lady and the Stilton Maker. The moving story of a friendship from the 1960's and a gift that I was given to care for.