My Services

I have almost 20 years experience of sourcing, promoting and marketing high quality artisan cheese. Let me use that experience to help your company with the following:

Restaurants and Bars: I can help you create a stand out cheese selection for your menu (mainland European as well as British cheeses). Help includes writing tasting notes, sourcing suppliers and negotiating the best prices. I can also train your staff in handling and describing the cheeses. I can also be present for launching your new cheese selection, giving a short talk to introduce the cheeses to your customers.

Retail: As above but for small delicatessens and speciality food shops,

Corporate: My corprate talks to company teams were very popular in Z├╝rich. Entertain your staff and/or clients with an evening of cheese and wine and beer with amusing anecdotes. Talks can be fine tuned to fit your audience (such as my more serious talk, Selling Cheese to the Swiss).

Events and catering: If you would like an unusual food offer for your private party, art gallery vernissage, business open evening then a cheesmonger with amazing and rare cheeses makes for a memorable evening. My catering service at bars and breweries in Switzerland was also very popular. Cheese and beer make a great pairing!